Live Employer Interview with Align Group!

Align Group is beyond excited to be on Live Interview with Employer from The Art of Career! Thank you Eileen from The Art of Career for having us! 

Behind the beautiful faces of Align Group, we have the MD of Align Group, Low Boon Seong, HR Business Partner, Mak Foo Sing, and Consultant, Faith Howe sharing their expert knowledge and experience during their time joining Align Group. 

Just as Boon Seong mentioned in the interview by using the analogy of a ship: β€œthe future is reshaping and transforming. The whole idea is that the transition is happening so fast that it becomes crucial for bosses to know how to align with their employees and pivot during these changes to win in the marketplace.” 

Align Group knows that we need to help to grow these SMEs and bring the employers and employees together to β€œmove the ship forward” to create more jobs and opportunities for the larger economy. 

Curious to know more about the people at Align Group and how we became one of the fastest-growing companies in Singapore? 

Click HERE to watch the full interview!

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