Interview with The Straits Times: When Whisky is More Than an Indulgent Tipple

Who knew that Whisky and People could "pair" so well together?

Thank you The Straits Times for inviting the Managing Director of Align Group, Low Boon Seong, to share his insights on how his favourite pastime Whisky collection grew into one of his key investments with now over 3000 bottles and counting, including some older bottles of Springbanks, Bowmores, Macallans and Karuizawas. 

You may think that Mr. Low Boon Seong collected these bottles just for the pleasure of looking at them, but do you know that each bottle attaches a special personal meaning behind it? During the interview, Mr. Low introduced his background, Align Group, and his investing journey.

According to Boon Seong, he said that: “ many other people, I wanted my money to work for me, so the investment part came in.” He also specifically mentioned: “I am a collector first, drinker second and investor third.”

Through whiskies, he was able to find a group of like-minded partners to open a private whisky club. When it comes to investing, Mr. Low said the most important aspect he looks at is the founding team and leadership, as they will determine how much growth momentum the firm can gain…” 

Curious how you can make your money work for you using Whiskies?

Check out the newspaper clippings HERE.

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