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Awarded Fastest Growing Company 2021

We would like to thank our clients who followed us on this growth journey.

Right Resources For Employees
After hiring the right people into your company, the next step is to drive these employees to excel in their capabilities by providing adequate resources. The following are some examples you can consider:
Interview with Channel 8, Frontline, 前线追踪. The MD of Align Group shared his expert knowledge on how different business sectors are dealing with their businesses amidst of Covid.
Thank you Business Times for having the MD of Align Group to share his expert knowledge on the workplace arrangements under the reopening of Phase 3 in Singapore.
Mak Foo Sing, HR Business Partner at Align Group, shared his views on Poly Grads' Unemployment Rate during Covid-19 global pandemic.
Straits Times_Comments on Raising Retirement age
Align Group has been selected by the Straits Time and Statista to be one of the fastest growing companies in 2021!
LIVE Radio Online CNA 938: Workplace Happiness Survey with the MD of Align Group, Low Boon Seong.
Difficult Conversations
Handling difficult conversation can be emotionally draining. But it does not have to be that way. Learn the step-by-step guide to overcome this challenge.
Enterprise Development Grant
Pay as low as 20% of the project fees to transform your HR with EDG. Deadline for maximum support level is until end March 2022, don't miss out on this!