Workplace Happiness Survey

Driving Happiness with Analytics

Based on Singapore's National Workplace Happiness Survey

The survey for companies is based on the National Workplace Happiness Survey conducted in collaboration with Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI), Health Promotion Board and NTUC. It has also been featured on news channel such as Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times.

Happiness Drives Performance

Happiness fuels success

Lyubomirsky, King & Diener (2005) found that people who experience positive emotions at work engage in constructive behaviours that are not part of their job descriptions, show higher job performance, and are less likely to experience burnout or engage in counterproductive behaviors.

Improve retention and fights turnover

A happy workforce doesn’t just mean higher productivity, it also helps foster retention and fights the churn of turnover. Hays (2017) found 47 percent of people looking for a new position are doing so because of poor work culture at their current job.

What you can expect to receive

Results by Key Demographics

Analyse happiness levels across the organization and by key demographics.

Employee Experience Score

Discover high-performing areas and opportunities for improvement.

Priority Matrix

Identify drivers that have the biggest impact on your employee's happiness levels.

Results Benchmark

Compare results year over year to measure improvements.

Need more help?

Take your results to the next level.

Align Group's facilitated Focus Groups and Action Planning Workshop helps you to dig deeper into employee perspectives on what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve. After we facilitate feedback focus groups, we will work with your HR and the executive teams to build meaningful action plans.

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