Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore 2021

Align Group has been selected by the Straits Times and Germany-based global research firm Statista as one of the top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore.

We Are Here !

Align Group is ranked #27 and is the only Management Consulting firm to have been selected.

We are extremely proud of our progress, and we heartily congratulate all the other companies which have grown in leaps and bounds.

To those who may not know us, we started our humble beginnings in 2016 with the goal to enhance the impact of human capital on business results. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of clients and partnered with various government agencies to upscale and maximise people's potential at work. 

You might be wondering, how did we become one of the fastest growing companies in just a few years?

Well, getting there was no easy feat and Align, just like any new company struggled to get a hold of the market as well. However, as our MD Mr Low Boon Seong always mentions, "investing in the right people is the key to growing your business" and he was right!

Once we transformed the way we hire and reward, it led to more motivated and engaged employees.

Align used the people flywheel structure to ask the right questions which helped us come up with sustainable and effective solutions to these people problems.

This is how Align rode on the growth flywheel in just a few years!

Since then, we have used the people flywheel to help other SMEs like us to achieve sustainable and long term growth through our HR Business Partnering services.

Once again, we are grateful to have been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore. Do check out our HR Business Partner services to find out how to achieve sustainable growth like us!!

We look forward to future success together as we endeavour in our efforts to grow and scale.

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