Building HOPE At The Workplace

HOPE is a positive motivational state where an individual sets realistic, yet challenging goals and then strives to accomplish these goals through self-directed determination and energy. Hopeful individuals are capable of generating alternative paths to their desired destinations should they face obstacles to their original plans.

Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between hope and workplace performance. When the company leaders’ levels of hope are high, it has a positive impact on the company’s business performance, employees’ satisfaction levels and staff retention rates.

1. Setting and Achievement of Goals

Engage employees in the goal-setting process instead of instructing employees about the goals. Supervisors can facilitate a session where their staff create their own goals. Doing so would give employees a stronger sense of control and commitment in the achievement of goals.

2. Creating Achievable Stretch Goals

Set stretch and achievable goals to stimulate excitement. Break down long-range or complex goals into smaller and manageable milestones, which in turn create hope and optimism for employees when they experience progress towards the ultimate goals.

3. Providing Support from Leaders

Provide top-down management support and commitment to the employees in achieving their goals. In addition, ensure that the right resources are availed and appropriately allocated.

4. Creating Positive Reinforcement

Reward and recognise employees who display hopeful attributes. Such positive reinforcement will encourage and strengthen the attributes of hope and positive thinking in the team.

5. Aligning Talents with Roles

Allocate employees with the right talents to the right roles. When employees’ talents are appropriately matched to the roles, they will experience heightened levels of hope as they would be doing what they do best.

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