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Why Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll Management should be worry-free.

Payroll outsourcing services in Malaysia continues to be valuable for companies primarily because payroll does not help your business to grow, yet it requires time and effort to work on it. In addition, mistakes or unintentional non-compliance on your payroll execution may can create backlash on your employee morale and result your company in complications with Malaysia's employment law.

Below are 4 key reasons why many other companies in Malaysia decide on outsourcing their payroll to Align Group:



If your in-house payroll personnel shares about how much another colleague is making, that can cause extreme workplace drama. The person may also feel unfair over how certain payouts are decided by the management.



Let our experts keep you updated with the latest changes on legislation to ensure full compliance and eliminate possible misinterpretations that can result in penalties for your business.


Enhanced Security

Even with long time trusted employees, there is always a risk of identity theft or tampering with company files for personal gain. Do you have the time to closely supervise your payroll for unethical activities?


Cost Savings

Comply with the latest development in payroll IT solutions without direct investment in new or upgrades in hardware of software

Making Malaysia's Payroll Servicing Simple Through Outsourcing

A dedicated team to deliver on your payroll needs:

Employee Data Management

Organise employee data into single source through HRMS set up and adapt processes for digital management of HR administration, all done by us.

Access to Employee Self Service Portal

View, apply and approve leave, claims and benefits anywhere, anytime through cloud application.

Benefits & Claims Management

Process employee's benefits and claims to ensure it is aligned to company's practices and employment laws.

Monthly Payroll Processing & Reports

Complete monthly payroll with calculations on overtime, allowances, incentives, staff claims, and etc. Includes payroll reports and for Management and Accounting purposes.

EA, PCB2 and E Form

We will prepare EA, PCB2, and E forms and forward it to the individual employees while E forms will be submitted to LHDN.


All your employees will have access to password protected payslips through their self service portal.

Payment of Salary

We prepare payroll documents for your easy reviewing and forward you the bank file upon approval to be uploaded on the bank portal. Alternatively, if trusted with the security token, we can upload the file on your behalf.

Review Payroll Practices

Unsure if the current payroll practices passes all compliance requirements? Worry not, our payroll experts will give it a thorough review and advise you on any areas that needs to be addressed.

Regional Payroll Services

Have subsidaries in other countries? We also support payroll outsourcing in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philipines, Taiwan, and also 150 other countries. Contact us for more info!

Complimentary Advisory

Limited Time Offer - Till 31st December 2021

Employment Practices Advisory
Complete set of letter templates and contracts
Update Employee Handbook
On-demand advisory support on employment practices and compliance matters

Have everything you need on a single platform

We power up your payroll with HREasily, the one-stop HR software for companies. Your employees would have access to their payslip, apply for leave and claims and get supervisor's approvals all at their finger tips.

Already have a HRMS in place? Worry not. Our seamless migration process guarantees you a 3 working days time to get HREasily up and working with all employee data ported over.

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and profits of companies.

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