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Enterprise Development Grant

How to use Enterprise Development Grant to improve your HR

If you are an Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore wanting to scale your business but have a tight budget, then you have to know what the Enterprise Development Grant is about.

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Interview with the Founder of Jonathan Abel: Teresa Chong
Despite the setbacks, we found that the Singapore's overall workplace happiness score is 68 out of 100, a sharp increase from 59 in 2014.
The Results Are Out ! Curious to know the results for Singapore's Workplace Happiness Survey 2020 / 2021? Click here to reveal the happiness score!
Have you ever wondered what makes a talent great? Here’s the formula: Right Talents = High Performance + Overall Fit.
Low Boon Seong, the MD of Align Group, had the opportunity to be interviewed by Mr. Andy Hoon, the founder of Yellow Submarines, on Boon Seong's entrepreneurial journey in creating Align Group.
6 Key Differences Between HR and HR Business Partner The typical duties of Human Resources in a SME are largely administrative, such as recruitment, handling employee relations, doing payroll and facilitating performance management. However, if your HR department do just that, you are likely to realise the gap between what they do and how the […]
Who knew that Whisky and People could "pair" so well together? Thank you The Straits Times for inviting the Managing Director of Align Group, Low Boon Seong, to share his insights on how his favourite pastime Whisky collection grew into one of his key investments with now over 3000 bottles and counting.
We have no means to defy the accuracy of fortune-telling or tarot readings. However, we would recommend bosses and business owners to be more practical in knowing the reasons behind your high turnover rate.
Behind the beautiful faces of Align Group, we have the MD of Align Group, Low Boon Seong, HR Business Partner, Mak Foo Sing, and Consultant, Faith Howe sharing their expert knowledge and experience during their time joining Align Group.