The People Flywheel - Scaling Up Your Business With People

People Flywheel is a PEOPLE X BUSINESS IMPACT test that helps fast growing SMEs get the best out of their people, every single day.

Check what your "People Flywheel" type

tells you about your scaling up capability?

(and what you can do about it!)

The Rickshaw

You realise you got yourself a job, not yet a business"

The Horse Cart

You have to constantly pull the team along, sometimes you wonder why don't you DIY

The Car

You are focus on scaling up but rely a lot on gut feel

The Rocket

You are taking off, but concern on sustaining the trajectory

How People Flywheel Helps Businesses

People Flywheel report gives leaders an opportunity to discover in detail how well their company is positioned for growth. It will also share what they can do so that their people can perform at their best on a daily basis.

The People Flywheel looks into the 4 proven areas that build and reinforce growth momentum of the company:

The Right People, The Right Strategy, The Right Structure and The Right Culture.

The Right People

Your business is only as good as your employees. From the front desk to the executive offices, every employee represents a part of your business to clients. Having the Right People brings about:

Strong growth momentum on company's strategy

Self initiated continuous innovation and improvement

Succession readiness for your key positions

The Right Strategy

People strategies are put in place to keep people practices aligned with business goals. It is about determining how you attract, retain and grow your employees. Having the Right Strategy gives your team:

Excitement in your company's vision

Alignment between performance and rewards

Empowerment for your employees to be proactive rather than reactive

The Right Structure

The right structure allows you to replicate and cascade team successes throughout the whole organisation. The Right Structures gives your team:

Clarity in roles and accountability

Focus on the key priorities of the business

Consistent drive on achieving key milestones

The Right Culture

Culture is about translating intent into visible results. It is the way employees do ordinary things on a daily basis that helps them to achieve extraordinary results. Having the Right Culture gives your team:

Constant drive towards excellence

Positive energy at the workplace

Space to be their authentic self

What SME CEOs are saying People X Business Impact

Our employees are now more aligned with the company's Mission, Vision and Values. I believe HR is an important aspect of a company's growth and would urge all business owners to strengthen their HR capabilities if they want to improve or expand their business performance.

Tom Ng

Director, Pazzion Group

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