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Enterprise Development Grant

How to use Enterprise Development Grant to improve your HR

If you are an Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore wanting to scale your business but have a tight budget, then you have to know what the Enterprise Development Grant is about.

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Do work from home and flexible hours really work? Let’s start with what exactly they are. They fall under a bigger umbrella called Flexible Work Arrangements(FWA) which are an alternate form of work schedule different from the usual business hours. Types of flexible working arrangements include “flexible time” and “flexible location”.
HOPE is a positive motivational state where an individual sets realistic, yet challenging goals and then strives to accomplish these goals through self-directed determination and energy.
Are your employees feeling satisfied, valued and happy at work? Research has shown that happy employees are more productive, innovative and they create a more attractive working environment.
Are you struggling with attracting and hiring the right talent? Are your employees leaving you? According to Mercer, only 2 of 5 employees think their organisation’s EVP is compelling.