Super Scale Pathway for Non Managers

Your Skills Manager will work with your management team to recommend the most appropriate courses for each phase of the pathways. Skills are mapped to the Critical Core Skills Framework by SkillsFuture Singapore, which are are deemed essential in the workplace.

Phase 1 : Building a Learning Culture

Skillsfuture Advice

SkillsFuture Advice brings to you useful information on SkillsFuture programmes and shares how you can tap on the various resources for your career planning and upgrading needs.

Critical Core Skills: Learning Agility

Singapore Citizen & PR

(After Subsidy)


Singapore Citizen & PR

(After Subsidy)


Mentoring for the Workplace (NACE)

Who is to say that mentoring can only be done by managers? Start the culture of peer mentoring (or even reverse mentoring) early with your executives. Equip them with concepts and techniques for mentoring effectively at the workplace!

Critical Core Skills: Developing Others

Singapore Citizen & PR

(After Subsidy)


Foreigners (No Subsidy)


Phase 2 : Contribute to a Positive Work Environment

Problem Solving Technique Application

Acquire techniques in problem-solving and decision making, including root cause analysis of problem, generating and evaluating alternative solutions, making appropriate decisions, and taking responsibility for the decisions within own circle of influence.

Critical Core Skills: Critical Thinking

Communication Tools for High Performance

Miscommunication can badly hurt team productivity. Communicate ideas and feedback persuasive and with confidence. Develop stronger and healthier relationships and learn how to deal with difficult conversational situations.

Critical Core Skills: Communication

Phase 3 : Staying Relevant

Change and Resilience Training

Identify global trends and changes impacting the workplace, undertake lifelong learning to adapt to changes for sustained employability in the new knowledge economy. Share knowledge and skills to enhance productivity and effectiveness in a diverse workplace.

Critical Core Skills: Adaptability

Personal Pathways for Career Efficiency

Employees, and not supervisors, needs to take charge of how they themselves want to grow their career. Attendees will take steps to realise career goals by identify skillset needed for their current career and to bring it to the next level

Critical Core Skills: Self Management

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